Sara & Giò Palmieri Soprano & Tenore - Venezia E Firenze

Sara & Giò Palmieri Soprano & Tenore - Venezia E Firenze

  • Cantante (Tenore)
  • Direttore d'orchestra
  • Luogo Venezia
  • Generi Classica, Jazz, Musica tradizionale italiana, Pop
  • Età 41 anni
  • Sesso Donna
  • Livello Professionista
  • Iscrizione Iscritto da 1 anno e 10 mesi


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The artistic collaboration of the Tenor Giovanni Battista Palmieri and the Soprano Sara Pretegiani starts in 2009 with a long tournèe of Opera Recitals during the Main European Festivals having everywhere great successes and standing ovations.

From this moment they are singing always together presenting a large repertoire of Operatic Arias, Duets and international Songs offering to many different publics the opportunity to listen the original italian opera voices live.

 Actually they are invited for the main events at the principal Concert Halls, Congress Centers and by International Cruises Companies and are collaborating with Inaugurations and prestigious Shows and lately with the "Kölner Weinachts Show" Germany ).

2009 - 2010 - Norway, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt

September - December 2010 - Nassau, Quebec, Newport, Boston

2011-2012 -  Napoli, Capri, Cagliari, Athens

2013-2014 - Japan, China, Korea, Emirates

2015- 2018 - Italy (Venice, Siena, Roma, Milano)

2019-2020 - Germany, France, Swiss

2020 - Recording CD Christmas Adagio

2021-2022 -  Italy, Paris, Germany

2022- 2023 Germany, Italy, France, Spain