Massimiliano Grani

Massimiliano Grani

  • Chitarrista
  • Luogo Viterbo
  • Generi Electronic
  • Età 49 anni
  • Sesso Uomo
  • Livello Semiprofessionista
  • Iscrizione Iscritto da 4 anni e 1 mese
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  • Ruolo Chitarrista
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  • TipoRegistrazione studio


  • Ruolo Chitarrista
  • Formazione .
  • TipoRegistrazione studio

Tecnologia e creatività convivono dando forma a nuove sonorità.

  • Ruolo Chitarrista
  • Formazione Atomod
  • TipoRegistrazione studio


We are a group of friends who co-founded a band called ATOMOD.

We self-produce all of our works, at the moment. Music is our hobby and we would like you to listen to a part of our production. We would be honored to receive your honest, professional feedback.
We are composing a lot of different things and we chose a few tracks that are, in our opinion, the perfect synthesis of our styles.
This is our BIO:

“ATOMOD is a musical project born from the passion lavished by four Italian composers.

In its embryonic form conceived by Fabrizio Barelli and Fulvio Colasanto, it developed with Massimiliano Grani

and Michela Baglivo joining the band.

The main inspiring concept for the band, is the combination of technology and creativity. The blend of analog and synthetic elements,

gives shape to a visionary mood and evocative sounds.

To date, ATOMOD is a self-produced format: the members are non-professionals and they compose and produce songs for passion;

however, the band has started a self-promotional operation in order to track down the discographic and / or editorial interest of subjects
who can support the musical activity, also in the film score/soundtrack and videogames industries”.

You can find more information and listen to some of our tracks on the ATOMOD Youtube channel, Facebook page, Instagram/Soundcloud profiles, Twitter account.
In December 2018, we made our first demo collection (12 tracks: instrumental tracks and songs)


Esperienze dal vivo

  • febbraio 2000 - luglio 2010
    Collaborazioni varie
    Più di 100 esibizioni


  • gennaio 2008 - luglio 2011
    Lezioni professionali presso scuola di musica
    Guitarartacademy - Viterbo


  • marzo 1995 - novembre 2000
    Corsi professionali
    Insegnante: Mariani fabio
    Um - Roma