Ferruccio Fusetti

Ferruccio Fusetti

  • Cantante (Tenore)
  • Chitarrista
  • Luogo Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN)
  • Generi Rock
  • Età 41 anni
  • Sesso Uomo
  • Livello Semiprofessionista
  • Iscrizione Iscritto da 2 anni e 7 mesi
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Ferruccio Fusetti Acoustic Power Trio Give in to me (Michael Jackson cover) Live APM Saluzzo

  • Ruolo Cantante (Tenore), Chitarrista
  • Formazione Ferruccio Fusetti Acoustic Power Trio
  • TipoRegistrazione studio

Ferruccio Fusetti - Under the Moonlight

  • Ruolo Cantante (Tenore), Chitarrista
  • Formazione Solista
  • TipoRegistrazione studio

Ferruccio Fusetti - Until The End Of Time

  • Ruolo Cantante (Tenore), Chitarrista
  • Formazione Solista
  • TipoRegistrazione studio

Ferruccio Fusetti - To The Night - Official Video

  • Ruolo Cantante (Tenore), Chitarrista
  • Formazione Solista
  • TipoRegistrazione studio


I was born in Cuneo on 6 August 1979.
At age 14 I started to play guitar self-taught.
Then I took electric guitar lessons at the Centro Jazz in Turin and the Civic Institute of Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN).
I also participated in Masterclass and took modern singing lessons by Roberto Tiranti (singer of Labyrinth, Wonderworld, Stef Burns, Ken Hensley, New Trolls, etc ..).

Between 1995 and 2011, I played in various rock / metal formations as a singer and guitarist, always presenting original compositions.
In 2001 I recorded a demo of 5 tracks with the metal group HEARTWORK (here the review http://www.heavy-metal.it/heartwork-demo-2001/)

In 2010 and 2011 I sang - supported by a live orchestra - the song "Gethsemane" (from "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Andrew Lloyd Webber) for the musical "Broadway Broadway" conceived and organized by the State Music Conservatory "G.f. Ghedini "in Cuneo at the Civic Teatro Toselli in Cuneo (May / June 2010) and the Eliseo Theater in Rome (May 2011).

In 2013 I collaborated with jazz singer Lara Iacovini writing some lyrics for the album "Right Together" on Steve Swallow's music.

In 2015 I recorded my first solo album "Under the Moonlight". The album is entirely acoustic (voice + guitar) and contains 8 original songs composed, played and sung by me.

In 2016 I signed a contract with the record label AREASONICA RECORDS of Bologna for the publication and distribution of the disc.

On October 25, 2016, the album "Under the Moonlight" came out on all major digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc ..).
On June 9, 2017, the videoclip of the song "to the night" came out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMEe6ox-IU4

In 2017 I joined forces with Carlo Chirio (bass) and Giorgio Mattiauda (drums) to create the Acoustic Power Trio \m/\m/

In 2018 we are ready to perform live playing songs from "Under the Moonlight" album, brand new original songs and re-arranged covers some of which you would never expect to hear from a rock band!


Esperienze dal vivo

  • maggio 2010 - luglio 2011
    Conservatorio Cuneo
    Cantante (Tenore)
    Musical - Brani Riarrangiati
    Da 5 a 10 esibizioni

Esperienze in studio di registrazione

  • agosto - ottobre 2015

    Solista - under the moonlight

    Cantante (Tenore) Chitarrista
    8 brani



  • 27 Feb 2019 Mercoledì 21:00

    Ferruccio Fusetti Acoustic Trio


    Rock - Inediti

    Chitarrista, Cantante (Tenore)

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    Viale vecchia stazione 4 Cuneo
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